Monday, 18 July 2011

Surrender Evidence Of Police Brutality

"Surrender video recording of illegal rally to determine the truth", the
idiot news agency implores the public.

Surrender the original copies of the videos and destroy all other
duplicate copies too.

Well, they didn't say it in so many words, but I bet that is what the
IGP meant.

How stupid do they think we are? Does he think we will all blindly and
stupidly surrender this sort of evidence?

In fact, surrendering a video would only make the police blacklist the
individual and perhaps pay him some visits regularly.

Pure and simple harassment is what it would be called.

It is enough that most Malaysians and the world know what the BN
government is really like.


Anonymous said...

Connie Francis : "stupid cupid !" or

Frank Sinatra : " something stupid !"

FOOLS will rush in handing over the original videos & destroy ALL copies & then get arrested !?

The mongolian father handed the ONLY photo & now NO proof of 3 having dinner in Paris !?


Joshua Lopez said...

Bodoh Sial lah this Man & His Cohorts!

Antares said...

These dimwits still haven't got it. People are no longer afraid of them - in fact we absolutely despise and loathe them for being such subhumans - and the top cops responsible for their subordinates' gross misbehavior will be either spending time behind bars or setting up in pasar malams, very soon!

jugular said...

I guess that they are too dumb to have heard of Youtube.