Monday, 11 July 2011

UMNO Youth Rallies In The Middle Of Bukit Bintang!!

The ruling coalition (and unfortunately, the federal government) in Malaysia says that public demonstrations are illegal because they cause a lot of disruption to the public.

However, it is evident that there are double standards in the way the government deals with its political allies and political dissenters.

You decide for yourself what to do this coming election.


Hitam Had said...

See the difference? These "youths" (looks more like middle aged samsengs)held an illegal demonstration with impunity; but peaceful walkers were gassed and assaulted.

It appears that these illegal demonstrators had to seriously provoke the police to get the same rough treatment to avoid any allegation of favouritism.


jugular said...

But don't you know that "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others"

Crankster said...

Hitam Had - UMNO youth was filled with vile hatred and they had no motive for holding a rally other than to say, "Down with BERSIH".

jugular - I'm not going to put up with those UMNO animals being more equal. Not anymore.

shar101 said...

Haha! You actually video-taped that 'Patriot' moment.

And used the 'kinda cute chick' photo as well.

Well, we really knew where to pick a spot to start the BERSIH 2.0 walkabout, didn't we.

The media presence was a dead giveaway.

Crankster said...

Yes, it was really good judgement, Shar. How did you know they'd be there? Before you saw the press, I mean.

shar101 said...

I didn't. But we had to start from somewhere.

And since I'm the designated GPS, it was more like "Ok, let's have coffee first" and then, the clues popped up in front of our very eyes.

P.S. No, KJ didn't inform me.

jugular said...

Cranky Pants... have you read the book?

shar101.... do I detect some subterfuge and Intelligence operations going on here? :)

shar101 said...


With me, there will always be something sinister going on.

Even Rocky Bru gets a headache when I go to the NPC. And he's the Prez!

Now back to BERSIH 2.0 - Our team consist of three bloggers who had moved together since 2009 and we rely on each others instincts on where to find a good story and/or fresh angle for an event.

So far, so good but Crank has a nasty habit of "Can we get a little closer to the action ah?" and the other one would say "Yeah, let's do that", and I gotta figure out the 'safest' route through alleys and backstreets.

If and when we have BERSIH 3.0, would you like to join us?

jugular said...

If I'm there yes. I live in Oz.

Crankster said...

jugular - George Orwell's Animal Farm? No, I haven't. Never got round to getting a copy and reading it.

By the way, Shar101 is my Rally Guide. I try not to go for rallies without him. He has a nose for trouble and can spot one before it materialises.

Crankster said...

Oi Shar!! Can you not snitch on me??!! :-) Jugular is my colleague and he knows my mum (they're connected on Facebook). I don't want him telling her that I go looking for trouble during rallies.

It's hard enough to get good pictures these days. I never got any snapshots of police brutality and there was so much during this particular rally!

walla said...

wait a few seconds after clicking the final link...

Anonymous said...

mca : " aiyaaaa ...ONLY a few thousand saja lah ....NO big deal !"

HEY, you really want to see millions in BERSIH 3.0 it !!??

Anonymous said...

csl : " i counted only 65 chinese ! "