Tuesday, 26 July 2011

What's On BN Payroll?

We thought having APCO, parent of the One Israel concept and later the 1Malaysia concept was bad enough.

It was a huge waste of public money - spent on enhancing a political party's image.

Now it looks like BN has hired pro-Israeli bloggers for Malaysia Matters - a website to promote BN leaders.

Armstrong, who is also a professional 'blogger for hire', has made no secret of the fact that the project was commissioned by the Malaysian government - he lists them as a client on the website of his company WebStrong.

Anti Islam Bloggers On BN Payroll


Antares said...

Hahaha. Imagine, paying "professionals" to slander your enemies! If I had so much money, I'd rather pay 10 Cambodian girls to massage each of my toes. Who cares if it's not "politically correct"! Gotta try it at least once :-D

Crankster said...

Hahaha. I guess if you could con people into voting for you again in the next elections, you could have 100 Cambodian girls massaging more than just your toes.