Saturday, 20 August 2011

Are We An Angry Bunch?

This is in response to Wong Chun Wai’s ‘On the beat’ column ("Of Angry Birds and angry Malaysians": The Sunday Star, 24 July 2011) where he asked Malaysians to stop being angry on the many issues affecting the nation.

It was a very well written piece, well placed and sounded almost logical and rational to those who read only the mainstream media.

Allow me to give Wong 10 good reasons why Malaysians are angry … in fact Malaysians are very, very angry.

1) We are angry that we have been denied our constitutional and democratic rights to a peaceful gathering. We are angry at the police brutality on a frail, tender 65-year-old auntie who was sprayed with chemically laced water and tear gassed for exercising her democratic rights when she was walking alone to demonstrate peacefully what she believes in.

2) We are angry at the lies, the biased reporting and the cover-ups by mainstream media (The Star included) to serve their political masters. We are angry at the way the mainstream media demonise Bersih 2.0.

3) We are very angry at the double standards of the police in arresting activists and opposition politicians. While some self-proclaimed nationalists and race champions openly spew seditious statements to incite religious and racial hatred and no action was taken against them, others were arrested for merely wearing yellow T-shirts.

Read the rest here: Why Malaysians are angry

Wong Chun Wai attempts to condescendingly belittle the common man, saying that he has nothing to be angry about. Tan Seng Hai's response is very befitting and to the point.

That being said, I don't think Malaysians are really angry. If they were, things would have improved. But unfortunately, the problem is that there is just a lot of talk and nothing much being done.

On the 9th of July 2011, about 100,000 people showed up on the streets (as per my estimate). But the population of Kuala Lumpur is more than a million. This suggests that less than 10% of the population are dissatisfied or at least angry enough to brave threats of arrest, tear-gas and chemical water.

Were the 90% of the population sleeping/apathetic/ignorant/BN-supporters/cowards?


walla said...

And we are angry that people in power and position can bury their integrity so easily by sucking up to their personal interests disguised as mainstream concerns.

I miss Crankster!

Crankster said...


Sometimes it makes me wonder what people will not do for money.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms Cranky

Self-satisfied bourgeois (handsomely paid for helping to spread pro-regime propaganda) have nothing to be angry about.

Phua Kai Lit