Thursday, 4 August 2011

Election Commission Reverts Status Of Mismah

Just yesterday, I posted the news from Malaysiakini regarding attempts by the ruling coalition BN to register phantom voters into the electoral roll.

However, due to the bad publicity it was receiving, the Election Commission quickly reverted her status to "being verified for the electoral roll".

This is one instance where the cheating has been discovered and highlighted. But I really do wonder how many others have escaped detection.

BN is desperate and would do anything to gain enough votes to stay in power.

EC changes 'Mismah' status in draft electoral roll

The Election Commission (EC) has changed the status of Mismah, a 'permanent resident' whose name had been entered in the draft electoral roll.

Based on a check of its online verification system at 2pm, under the 'record status', it is now stated that her application to register as a voter is dalam proses pengesahan daftar pemilih (being verified for the electoral roll).

Her name had been included in the draft supplementary electoral roll that has been opened for public scrutiny for a week.

EC head Abdul Aziz Yusof, when contacted, explained that the objection period had ended yesterday.

"Those who did not receive any objection will be gazetted (as elegible voters). Those who received objections will be subjected to a verification process," he said.

"(During the process) a public inquiry will be called, (enabling) both parties - the potential voter and the complainant - to be heard."

Malaysiakini yesterday discovered Mismah had beencategorised as a permanent resident (PR) in the National Registration Department (NRD) online system.

The NRD online verification system, which allows users to check the status of an individual, shows that Mismah holds MyPR card No. 640704715238.

About four hours after yesterday's report, Mismah's status on the NRD online verification system had been 'upgraded' to that of a citizen.

Abdul Aziz had earlier attributed this to technical negligence on the part of the NRD, insisting that only citizens are eligible to be registered as voters.

'NRD online database not updated'

Elaborating on this today, he said he had contacted the NRD and was told that its online database had not been updated alongside the Agency Link-Up System (Alis).

"(It was only) when I called (them) that they realised they have not updated the names online," Abdul Aziz (left) added.

The NRD online database - used by the public to verify their status and details - is different from Alis, which is the reference point for the EC in registering voters, he said.

According to election laws, the EC updates the electoral roll every three months with a quarterly supplementary electoral roll draft.

The names of all newly-registered voters, voters who have changed their residing addresses and voters who have been removed from the electoral roll, are compiled in the supplementary electoral roll draft.

The roll is then displayed usually for one week, for public scrutiny, before it is gazetted and used in the next election.

During the display period, members of the public can raise their objection to the names listed in the supplementary electoral roll.


Anonymous said...

Najib said the electoral roll was clean, BERSIH said it was najis.
EC said they are angelic and snow-white but BERSIH caught them out.
BN insists they are transparent and benevolent but rakyat say PDRM, MACC etc are abhorent.
PR yesterday, citizen today.
Oooppsie, technical error - biasa lah.
White is white, Black is black. But accordingly to BN, they are always correct.
50 years ruling, 50 years hoping.
Now they demand another decade, so that they can continue pludering.
2019 Malaysia bankrupt, so says Jala.
But rakyat worry, Malaysia already sinking faster than the Scorpenes lah.

BH Toh said...

This issue is more than just votes. Whoever governs will have to look into and take care of the numerous problems that will arise out of this sudden influx of people. Our country's already strained financial resources need to be share further by these extra "citizens".
I say the people invloved in this are the real traitors to our country, should be charged and throw into life-time jail for putting our country into this mess!

Joshua Lopez said...

"Dalam Process" means "Pending Approval" It's on the road to approval. Well, granting PR and then upgrading it to Citizenship is the descretion of the Commission.

Even in England it's so. For example; Many Asians and Malaysians have been granted full citizenship and automatic voter eligibility in the UK while the wife of Their DPM still doesn't hold voting rights. There is no one set rule to this.

Anonymous said...

I dont know if you know malay language or not but here is an article I found about Mismah and her Permanent Resident in Malaysia. It's racist to say Permanent Resident is Illegal Immigrant.

Crankster said...

Anon - all I can say is we get the government that we deserve. We did nothing for 50 over years. Now it's going to be hard work all the way.

BH Toh - I think you can be expecting to pay more taxes. Also more money for better maintenance/security in your residential area for the inevitable rise in crime.

Crankster said...

Joshua Lopez - yes, it means 'pending approval' but there has to be due process for permanent residency and citizenship. In most countries it takes at least 2 years of residency in that country before one can apply for citizenship.

It is certainly not at the discretion of the 'Commission'. What commission are you talking about anyway? The immigration or elections?

Crankster said...

It is not racist, but incorrect to say that a Permanent Resident is an Illegal Immigrant.

But it is quite common under Project M for illegal immigrants to be given permanent residence status for political purposes.