Friday, 26 August 2011

Imran Khan on the Malaysian Govt at The Guardian

On being detained at Kuala Lumpur airport

Malaysia didn't want me to enter the country to gather evidence about how ethnic Indians were treated by colonial Britain

In the Hollywood film The Terminal Tom Hanks plays (with obligatory mangled foreign accent) a character who is trapped in New York's JFK airport. Last week, I had a similar experience at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in Malaysia. Whereas Tom Hanks's character spends years trapped, I was only there for a few hours. The episode was both humiliating and enlightening. I had been engaged by a Malaysian lawyer, Waytha Moorthy, to look into taking action against the British government for its role in the exploitation of Indian Hindus during Malaysia's period as a colony, and its failure to protect their rights when independence was declared in 1957.

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Joshua Lopez said...

Pardon my ignorance but whats the purpose of this after 54 years? Time Lapse lah, Case Closed!

Crankster said...

I don't think there is any use of bleeding the current British government of money for what their forefathers did.

However, perhaps the British ought to right the situation by either applying pressure on the Malaysian government or working to help educate and give these people a better life.

Joshua Lopez said...

To a large extent, honestly, yes the government is crap, we all know this but for the Indians to say that they have remained in poverty and gangsterism due to the Malaysia Government, This is absolutely unacceptable.

Yes, Non Malays are largely discriminated here but for any Malaysian to scream poverty & gangsterism due to discrimination, That's a downright lie!

If you are in Poverty, Uneducated and into gangsterism and other sorts of abuses, It's Your Own Bloody Self that needs to take a good look into the mirror!

However, i must admit that the government has failed to give fair opportunities in education and work in the government sector for Indians.

Chinese don't need help, they got class. Why do i say this? Bcos they lift their asses and do something about their lives! They don't sit in their cacoons!

They don't even see themselves as Malaysians, they still link themselves as Indians from India. Simple example; How many Chinese Msians have ties with China and how often do they go back to China? Now, compare that with the Indians.

Crankster said...

It's not a lie at all. If you took the trouble to go down to ground level and see their situation, you would see the gravity.

Frankly, it is very easy for anyone to look at someone else and say, "If I can do it, so can you."

Because you can never judge unless you stand in their shoes.