Friday, 12 August 2011

More About FBC Media

From Asia Sentinel:

Packaged TV productions extolling the virtues of Malaysia and Sarawak state Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud have embarrased some of the world's leading television networks after they were found to have been paid for by the Malaysian government as part of a massive public relations campaign.

According to the Sarawak Report, a Sarawak-based NGO, the news programs are being produced by Fact Based Communications, a London-based company also known as FBC Media, that describes itself on its website as an "European-based media and entertainment group specializing in television format creation, production and distribution."

Read the rest on the web:
Government effort to plant stories tarnishes major TV networks worldwide


Antares said...

Holy Hawgshit, too much piling up as we stampede towards the end of linear time (28 October 2011)... after that date we'll all have to get used to spiral and spherical time... which means the Bhai chasing his own butt round & round the tree will finally catch up with himself... and get properly buggered! Exactly what will happen to keturunan lanun types :-)...

Crankster said...