Monday, 1 August 2011

Siapa Yang Bodoh?

RPK posted one of his usual Malay-bashing posts about 3 Malay men, 2 of them academicians in Melayu Bodoh.

I was rolling my eyes in my usual fashion when I realised it was taken from the idiot agency, Bernama.

And then I got to the end where it said this:

Another academician, Abd Ghapa Harun, Senior Lecturer at the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia's History, Political and Strategy Research Centre surmised that peace and harmony in the country could be sustained if the government readily responded to the issues that were being relentlessly harped on.

"For example, issues about corruption or the election - the government must respond to them immediately.

"Peace is not merely a demonstration-free situation. In a wider context, it is taking further measures to avoid confrontations including through dialogues and discussions before issues are blown out of proportion," he said.

I did a double-take. I went back to the beginning to check if it was still part of the Bernama article.

Lo and behold, it was! Bernama was actually reporting both sides of the story! This is unprecedented competence from this agency.

But when I got down to the comments section, I really started wondering who was 'bodoh' to begin with.

For example:

written by devious17, July 31, 2011 09:12:09
I was told that no one was born stupid, we are just lazy but after reading this article I am beginning to have doubts of what I was told about stupidity.

These three are nothing but The Three Stooges of umno/bn, the noose around their necks are tightening and desparate.

These three are indeed Melayu Bodoh.


written by roggon, July 31, 2011 01:29:39

Were the true bodoh people the Melayu or the Cina dan India who had obviously not read to the end but chose to hurl insults at all 3 Malay men mentioned?


Antares said...

Ghapa Harun had the misfortune to be quoted in the same story as the two time-serving BTN-ized academics who simply read from the UMNO script.

donplaypuks said...

Er...what happened to the post on the US$24 million diamond ring?

Crankster said...

Antares - my guess is that Bernama itself didn't understand what Abd Ghapa Harun was saying and simply published his comments.

DPP - I was having trouble with that post for some reason.