Tuesday, 9 August 2011

What The Election Commission Says

The Selangor Election Commission (EC) has rejected all 583 complaints which claimed that permanent resident (PR) holders had been registered as voters, claiming that they were found to be citizens.

Could all 583 be bogus complaints?

You and I know how valuable Selangor is to the federal government. Port Klang, one of the nation's cash cows is located in the state of Selangor. Then we have most of the affluent neighbourhoods as well.

BN really needs to reclaim Selangor to be able to continue lining their pockets.

From Malaysiakini:

Selangor EC had received a total of 1,475 objections against the second quarter supplementary electoral roll draft, with 583 or 39.5 percent on PR holders allegedly being given voting rights.

The rest were ordinary complaints such as discrepancy in registered address, which will be resolved through a public inquiry held from Sep 6 to Oct 6, Dzulkifli added.

The issue of a PR holder named Mismah registered as a potential voter in the latest supplementary electoral roll draft was first reported by Malaysiakini last Tuesday.

Pakatan Rakyat then claimed that they had detected 1,597 such cases nationwide, with 1,108 of them found in Selangor, a state ruled by Pakatan.

Not only that, the EC has been found to have registered a voter named 'Kg Baru'.

From Malaysiakini again:

According to the EC online verification system, 'Kg Baru' (Mykad: 830527115422) is a voter registered in the state constituency of Hulu Besut and parliamentary constituency of Besut, Terengganu.

However, a check with NRD online system revealed that the Mykad number is assigned to one Noraini binti Abdullah.

"The question is, how can the EC make such a shameful mistake? How did it happen?” asked Johor PAS Youth chief Suhaizan Kaiat, who discovered the flaw.

Believe it or not folks, there is a RM10 fee levied on each objection raised by the public, as well as a RM200 penalty for every objection that is rejected.

This is the extent of their shameless corruption and cheating.


Antares said...

Who's in charge of the EC... Mr Magoo?

Crankster said...

Could be Mr Magoo (who is chronically unable to admit there is a problem) or Mr Bean (who is just plain silly). Or Pee Wee Herman.