Friday, 30 September 2011

Denied Entry Again

The dictator government of Malaysia is at it again!!

They are still banning Haris Ibrahim from entering Sarawak because they know that he is nothing but pure, unadulterated trouble -- for them, that is.

This dude knows how to speak his mind and uphold the rights of the Rakyat. And for that, we are grateful.

But something needs to be done about this banning of people for politically-motivated reasons.

From FMT:

Haris, the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM) president, said that he was detained by Sarawak immigration authorites after landing at the Kuching International Airport at about 5.30pm today.

“The order of notification is the same as the one in April (this year). (But) I haven’t seen any papers (about this deportation) yet,” he told FMT through a telephone conversation.

Interestingly, he was allowed into Sabah to have his RARA roadshows in Tawau and Kota Kinabalu. But obviously, he has made Taib Mahmud very worried.

For the Sarawak elections recently, a lot of people were banned from entering Sarawak.


Antares said...

There's more than one way to enter a kuching... but you might meet the same fate as Bruno Manser.

Crankster said...

Yes, it is not just Bruno Manser who suffered such a fate. Ross Boyert too, and he didn't have to be in Kuching.