Friday, 2 September 2011

Oh Dear!

What's happened to kids these days?!

Mannequin gets molested in broad daylight

This fellow must be trying to get a head-start in life :-)


Anonymous said...

aiyoooooo, hamsap kid !

Antares said...

Natural curiosity lah.

walla said...

Nah, he was trying to get back IN.


jugular said...

Boys will be boys

Crankster said...

LOL @ Anon - totally hamsap indeed

Antares - that's precisely it. At that age, there is no way that it could have been borne of sexual desires. People are frankly too hung up about sex and this was so risque that I couldn't resist putting it up!

Walla - then this fellow must be a slow-learner if it took him more than a couple of years to figure out that life out here is not as good as in there ;-)

Jugular - yes, which is why it would be nice to have a son one day.

Anonymous said...

This kid is learning from the politicians who are involved with sex scandals and without moral and are still adamant that they are doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Tis potential kid = future mentri la.

Joshua Lopez said...

It's out of pure curiosity, nothing sexual.

Anonymous said...

tis hamsap kid will be a mp who may say 'every woman bocor every bulan !'