Friday, 23 September 2011

Our Taxpayer Funds Used Again!

I have always been annoyed at how carelessly our money is spent. First APCO, then FBC Media, and now the former advisors to Tony Blair.

The thing that puzzles me with Najib is his fixation with spin and foreign spin doctors. First, he paid millions to APCO, then paid much more millions to FBC Media, a company which brought much disrepute to Malaysia because it transpired they paid for Najib and Malaysia to get good publicity.

The PM obviously does not rate his own staff highly. And it surprises me that any leader has to hire foreign spin doctors to tell him how to become a reformer.

Now he has got the Blair Boys. So who is paying their fees? Am I, as the taxpayer, picking up the tab? Is Najib paying out of his own pocket?

Read the whole piece by Lucius Goon at Who’s paying for Blair’s Boys?


Antares said...

You can't get more pathetic than that! Putting a few professional bodekers on the payroll... taking out double full-page ads in prestigious papers to sing your own praises... aiyoyo! But that's UMNO all over... they must have learnt it from the Zionist Neocons.

Crankster said...

99% of what UMNO does has been learned by the Zionists. For all its administrative incompetence, UMNO is very good at crime.