Sunday, 25 September 2011

Smart Election Gimmicks

1. Hijack poor DAP's efforts to improve the facilities of the Chinese schools :-)

2. Pretend to work hard to raise money by cycling

3. Claim to take "great pride in the role and contribution of the Malaysian Chinese towards the betterment of education in the country"

4. Claim - even more ludicrously - that the BN government supported and gave assistance to the Chinese schools since independence.

5. Kiss Chinese ass by saying that the ability to speak Mandarin would help Malaysians remain competitive in the current global environment, that even his son learns it, and that his father had established links with China.

The smart Chinese that I know hardly give two hoots about China. They consider themselves Malaysian now.

But this was probably spun to glory for the stupid ones. And believe me, they will buy this -- hook, line and sinker.


Joshua Lopez said...

No lah, The Chinese will never buy this! My fear is the rural and poor indians and malays that can be easily bought.

Crankster said...

Oh trust me, I have a hardcore MCA fan on my Facebook, saying how much better BN is for the future than PR.