Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Using Money To Buy Votes

Bernama never fails to amuse.

There have been countless instances of BN cheating -- politicians and party workers blatantly giving money to buy votes.

In fact, there is a Malaysiakini video of Najib telling the voters of Sarawak that they will get their perpetually flooding drain fixed only if they voted for the BN candidate.

All this while, when BN was ruling the state they did nothing. But when they needed the votes, they promise the sky and the moon.

And yet, when DAP gives money to every child born, they claim that it is a case of vote-buying.

Doesn't that smell of an acute case of pot calling the kettle black???


Antares said...

Actually it smells more like an unflushed toilet bowl than "a pot calling the kettle black."

funny leaders said...

biasa la when you have morons to run the show.
with chocolate smears all over the mouth, they accuse other and deny stealing and eating it themselves.