Sunday, 23 October 2011

Didn't Quite Himpun After All

Target: 1 million
Achievement: 5000

A bit off the mark, I'd say -- I guess Harussani Zakaria (who eventually didn't show up, according to some quarters), Ibrahim Ali and Hasan Ali aren't exactly crowd-pullers.

I've been hearing conflicting reports about the purpose of HIMPUN. The overriding sentiment is that it was to protest the proselytisation of Muslims by the Christians, and it was consequently branded as being anti-Christian.

According to a report in FMT, "Many of the younger crowd [] emphasised that they were not out to start a fight with anyone and only wanted to play a part in strengthening their faith."

I personally can't gauge how, but assume we take their words at face value.

Does that mean that this rally had no element of protest at all? Was it the Muslim equivalent of an evangelical revival?


Joshua Lopez said...

You should have seen the faces of the leaders especially that blooming Mufti! Sedih Pilu!

Rakyat Melayu sekarang tak bodoh seperti kehendak UMNO!

Joshua Lopez said...

Haisey! Just one year old and worth Billions! It's now faulty!