Thursday, 20 October 2011

Foreign Woman Hurt In Police Raid

A reader alerted me to the news of this foreign national who was bullied by the authorities: Woman: I was hurt in raid

As usual, this goes to show that the police have free reign to do as they please. They evidently violated procedure when:

1. The police were not in uniform
2. The police did not state the reason of the arrest to the suspect as is stipulated in the procedure
3. The police acted violently
4. The police did not give medical attention to the injuries sustained

In my opinion, everything falls neatly and squarely into the lap of this Chinese national. She was wrongly treated -- pure and simple.

However, I see something wrong in this.

Why did the husband pay RM2,000 to have his wife released? Was it legal? Or was it under-the-counter as usual?

Then I see a purpose for these illegal raids. They are to help these policemen make money from bribes.


Joshua Lopez said...

Our PDRM is an absolute disgrace to our country! A Bloody Idiotic Top Government Body coupled with aragonce & corruption of the highest order!

Joshua Lopez said...

They think that all Chinese Nationals are Illegal & Prostitutes! WTF?!!!

Crankster said...

The PDRM has no self-respect and consequently no respect for others. I only wish the Chinese would have some dignity and stand up for themselves.

Joshua Lopez said...

So fast this case has died away!

Joshua Lopez said...

Now they got a Chinese Top Police Guy to claim that the Malaysian Chinese Man's wife was actually prostituting herself!