Monday, 31 October 2011

Guess What Happened at CHOGM Perth?

Najib got his ass kicked -- yet again!!!

At this point, I am really beginning to feel sorry for him. Governments around the world meet to discuss world issues and guess which nation brings up their issues which were prohibited from being voiced in their home country?

Yes -- Malaysia!!

In Perth, the police evidently don't brutalise citizens for exercising their democratic right to protest on the streets!

Malaysians around the world have not forgotten the acts of the BN government. And Najib is going to feel the heat wherever he goes.

None of the protesters were handcuffed or beaten up like those in Malaysia were. So it obviously pays to demonstrate and air all grievances in a foreign country. Najib might want to think twice about going abroad again.

He is going to be embarrassed everywhere by good ole Malaysians who have decided that enough really is ENOUGH!!!

Go for it, Chin Huat!!

See the whole set of pictures by Trevor Morgano HERE.


Anonymous said...

Best democracy in the world?
Yes, but its in Down Under mate.

And in Gold Coast too.

Anonymous said...

How come it is not published in the star, sin chew etc ?

Crankster said...

I don't know if it's the best, but at least they are more than empty talk.

The Star, Sin Chew etc are owned by the ruling coalition. Do you think they would allow public humiliation to be reported like that?

Joshua Lopez said...

Padan Muka Kow Kow!!!