Sunday, 16 October 2011

Occupy Dataran

Oh ye Malaysians at Dataran Merdeka on 15th October? You rock.

Heck, the gathering in KL may not have been as big as the few thousands in New York, Rome, Auckland or Spain but the spirit was there -- and for that, I salute you!

No prizes for guessing that they were broken up by the police, but it looks like our fellow freedom fighters all over the world didn't have it easy either.

A little bit of police brutality isn't going to stop us. In fact, that is one of the biggest drivers in spurring people to get involved as well. It certainly worked for the Wall Street occupants! :-)

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walla said...

We have 4 million households. If each household can provide one representative to congregate in all major towns and cities on a particular day before the next general elections, it will create a Bersih 3.0 expanded beyond electoral reforms into government change.

The key phrase is 'massive swing'.

Hold on to this post, C. I tend to forget things these grey days.

Crankster said...

Keep it coming, Walla. You always have good stuff in those grey matter of yours.