Saturday, 22 October 2011

On The Topic Of English In Education

I like this kid.

She tells Najib exactly what the problem is.

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Good for her. There is no reason why her formal education should be ruined just because of Malaysian politics.

That being said, I do commend her personal education -- i.e. her upbringing by the parents -- as they have evidently taught her to speak up for herself.

That is something to be proud of indeed.


walla said...

And if pink lips has any sense, he'd use the Banishment Act one last time on those jokers in the MOE. Lower and Upper.

But one expects too much. Miracles don't happen in this country, Crankster.

Anonymous said...

aiya change to malay lagi easy for the teachers who inglis is halfpastsix & they can make MORE easy money till 60 years old !

5-2=3 ( five push two is tree )
CO2 ( car burn die outside)
can i go tandas? ( yes, go your head)


Crankster said...

Walla - it will take a long time, but I think it will happen. When everyone is ready. You have been ready a long time ago, but others still aren't.

Joshua Lopez said...

Pitty The PM too, he is a free mason but his people are a bunch of draconian bigots! UMNO has always placed pressure on all Her PMs and most of the PMs retired in absolute frustration with UMNO!