Sunday, 2 October 2011

Ong Boon Hua Wants To Come Back

Well, few people know him as Ong Boon Hua. Everyone knows him as Chin Peng.

He's on his last days -- after all, he is 86 and some of the activities he was up to in his youth weren't exactly conducive for good health and longevity.

The dude is hospitalised in Bangkok because the authorities refuse to let him in.

Apparently, "his return would upset many Malaysians who lost their loved ones during the communist insurgency." Or so says the BN government, which is really no better than Chin Peng's party, if you want my honest opinion.

The true reason the government refuses to let him in, I suspect, are as follows:

After independence, Chin Peng continued to fight the Malaysian government. But with the dragnet closing in on his jungle hide-outs and his Marxist-Leninist campaign losing steam, he fled to China in 1960. From there, he went to southern Thailand with hundreds of fighters loyal to him.

Malaysia signed a peace treaty in 1989 with the insurgents, but persistent suspicion among authorities about communist ideologies prevented Chin Peng from ever coming back.

Chin Peng began a court battle in 2005 to force the government to allow him back into Malaysia. The country’s top court eventually ruled he cannot return unless he first produces birth and citizen certificates, which his lawyers say were lost after being seized by British authorities in the 1940s.

Read the whole article at Exiled former Malaysian communist leader in coma in Thailand; relatives fear he’s dying


Antares said...

Utterly dense and murky, these stagnant waters of the ketuanan quagmire.

End of the day, it's all about kindness and forgiveness.

But, first, this UMNO mindset must be reset to |0|0|0|0|0|0|...

Anonymous said...

His doctor has reported that he is not dying. But i'm really curious as you why he is fighting to return. Is it purely to spend his last days here?