Thursday, 22 December 2011

"Falsely Humanizing Muslims"

The world is a strange place.

People are determined to impose their beliefs on others and persecute them over a difference in opinion.

In Malaysia, Muslim groups are outraged that a Malay medical student has allegedly gotten married to another man in Ireland.

Some of the comments he has unwittingly received over his personal and private life are:

"The marriage is a disgrace to our religion, race and country," Norizan Ali, chairman of Kepong Islamic Youth Organization (PBIK).

@DTOTHEZAK wrote on Twitter: “Ariff Alfian Rosli is a disgrace! Rot in hell!” @shkyla wrote: “Looking at those wedding pictures of Ariff Alfian, makes me want to vomit. Blergh, disgusting.”

On Facebook, a group calling itself “The Campaign to Bring Ariff Alfian Rosli Home to Malaysia to Save His Faith” wants to “restore” Rosli to “the true and noble path” of Islam.

Meanwhile, there are a faction of Americans who protest the TLC show All-American Muslim, claiming the show "falsely humanized Muslims in America.”

Consequently, Lowe's Home Improvement recently pulled its ads from the TLC show.

This sort of fear-mongering and intolerance is evidently not going to help the normal peace-loving Muslim who lives in the USA.

If you have watched this video before, you will see the other face of normal people who just happen to be Muslim.

Persecuting them for no reason is just going to turn them into the enemy and push them to the other side.

If you have any comments about this, please go to this website: and share what this controversy means to you.

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