Thursday, 1 December 2011

Little Trek To Sonning

It took us a while to find the Thames footpath. We had to walk through some fields and wander about.

But we found it, muddy though it was, as could be expected for this time of the year.

The sights were beautiful though. The river flowed calmly, in no particular hurry, as it had been doing for the past thousands of years.

It was cold and crisp, but there were a few people out on their canoes. It goes to show that the cold is only in the mind!

The boathouse wasn't teeming with people though. It's not the most popular activity for December.

And nestled in this enclave in the town of Sonning. This is merely one house. There are plenty more.

However, do note that there are no fast food outlets or news stands available. These people truly defend their privacy.


Antares said...

Bloody hell, Crankster! Went off on vacation with that smooth-talking bugger.... hrrrmmmph!

Crankster said...

Pray, which smooth-talking bugger would you be referring to? :-)