Sunday, 15 January 2012

18 Months

It's a long time.

9 months is the period of gestation for the average human baby. 18 months is double that.

18 months is the age at which a child, from birth, has learned to roll, sit, crawl, walk, run, eat solids and maybe even talk.

A lot of learning can happen in that span of time, be it for a baby or a university student.

Adam Adli is having 18 months of his formal education put on a hold by the authorities for disapproving of the Prime Minister.

For purely political reasons, a young man is being punished.

Because at the end of the day, the university authorities are at the behest of UMNO and are at its beck and call.

Politics and democracy gone very wrong in Malaysia.

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Antares said...

I believe in the power of precessional effects. Imagine, if Mahathir hadn't ruthlessly sacked Anwar Ibrahim, he most probably wouldn't have mutated into an icon of reform advocating "ketuanan rakyat." And if Najib hadn't maliciously seized power in Perak, we never would have known what courageous leaders we have in the Pakatan state government (Nizar Jamaluddin and Sivakumar, for example). By suspending Adam Adli for 18 months UPSI is probably handing the nation another promising young leader, one who can help unite young voters against the evil regime!

Crankster said...

How right you are, Antares.

Change has to happen slowly and through a chain of events, and not immediately and automatically as some people would expect it to come.

Joshua Lopez said...

Yes, Antares is perfectly right. A Black Eye, Prisonment of 7 years, Torment & Mental Torture for 14 years has moulded Anwar into a much better person.

As DPM he was a fanatical and narrow minded bastard. He even had an issue with Church Bells, Beauty Pagents & Malays holidaying overseas for Christmas or celebrating Christmas, hence he made the school year begin in December!