Monday, 2 January 2012

The Gall Of UMNO

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The irony of those who try to portray themselves as being Islamic -- in fact more Islamic than PAS!

UMNO has shown its true colours by seeking the help of astrologers to know if this would be their good year in going for elections.

The verdict? The political elite will be favoured, say the astrologers.

Certainly something the politicians want to hear.

As for me, I have no intention of making any predictions. Time will tell.

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Anonymous said...

The Year has kicked off with RPK taking a 80 Degree Turn. He has obviously lost his balls & credibility. Don't you find it rather strange that he doesn't question the morality of UMNO leaders but now slams Anwar as "Gay & Unfit To Be PM!"

walla said...

A Samy Vellu bank-rolled production?

Anonymous said...


Samy Vellu is an angel compare to most in UMNO. Are you aware of the many good things he did while in office? But he was no angel but the Mother Of All Evilry is UMNO.

Crankster said...

How can anyone question the morality of UMNO leaders, when it is clear to all and sundry that they have none whatsoever?

Crankster said...

Walla -- sounds like Samy V was the marriage broker ;-)

Anon -- Samy V is no angel. Period.

Joshua Lopez said...


I personally know Indians who were given Scholarships and Loans for their higher education directly from the ground's of Samy Vellu's Residence.

Every Tuesday, Indians who needed help lined up at his mansion and were helped. A secretary would note down what each one needed together with their contact number and address.

The Man has done a whole lot of good things for the community but was never given media coverage.

UMNO used him as one of their many scape goats after the Tsunami 2008

The Truth is, BN lost big time because the People rejected UMNO. The Chinese felt that MCA is a Puppet and so did the Indians feel the same about the MIC.

Today, there seems to be a significant return of Indian support towards the BN. Now BN is indeed a rural party because She does have the support of Rural Malays & Indians.

Crankster said...

To be honest, I have issues with Indians getting scholarships and the like from MIC ministers. If the Indian has worked hard and is worthy of a scholarship, it should be the education department giving him one, not a political party. Something wrong there.

Joshua Lopez said...

Yes, you are right but due to the "Divide & Rule", MCA, MIC, Gerakan & UMNO have been giving Scholarships and Loans and Financial Aid to their respective race & religion. Every racial party was left to see to their own. The education Ministry 98% of the time helps the Malays Only.

Crankster said...

So why is Samy Vellu considered wonderful for doing what other politicians are doing for the own race?

Joshua Lopez said...

I did not say "wonderful" but i did say the Man has done good things.

Crankster said...

Even Hitler did good things for Germany. He helped his own kind. In fact, he brought up the German economy to its highest since the turn of the century.