Sunday, 11 March 2012

"Political Muscle"

My first reaction was: What is Najib smoking?

Consequently, I wondered: Could I have some too?

But then I thought for a bit more. And I suspect this means they have devised an underhand method to win the next general elections.

That's not good news.


Antares said...

Winning an election by massive fraud is Jibby's idea of flexing his political muscle. Or maybe he intends to shove his pink-lipped pout up everybody's rectum by glueing some cotton wool around his lying mouth so it looks like a swab? Most likely scenario: Umno has recruited several hundred thousand Indonesian and Bangladeshi migrant workers and granted them instant citizenship and voting rights. That's considered treason - even if Jibby copied the idea from Dr M.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

By hooks or crooks & even blood-shed,
p'jaya MUST be defended said ....!?

wat's the point : resign on 408 when
senator-ship expires !?

Sacrifice it seems ? @#$%^&* .

Joshua Lopez said...

Hung Parliament!