Monday, 23 April 2012

A Week Before The Big Day!!

The developments are both frustrating and exciting.

As I said in my previous post, UMNO/BN should not be underestimated. True to word, they have learned their lsson. They have dispensed with the heavy-handed big brother tactics and chosen to go for the stealthy and sneaky approach of sending gangsters to rough up and cause a disturbance.

This is precisely what is happening with the activists in Occupy Dataran.

The police were there, but merely looked on without taking any action against the attackers.

Now the government claims that it is fine to go ahead with the demonstration, except that a change in venue is necessary.

What rubbish! There is no venue more suitable than the Dataran Merdeka if not for its smybolism, the open space for a proper sit-in.

I hope the BERSIH steering committee does not accede to these silly and petty attempts to thwart a growing movement.

But yes, while it can be frustrating, it's certainly exciting as well!


Anonymous said...

Dato'Ambiga now says that BERSIH 3.0 may be called off if PM promises immediate electoral reform. But how would we know if reforms have or are being done?

Anonymous said...


Joshua Lopez said...

And now my question is; Did Anwar hijack Bersih 3.0? My Answer is 'Yes'.

Bersih is an independent movement. Why did Anwar do all the things that he did at the Rally? Why even a Speech by Him? While the organizers of Bersih were sticking to their Plan of a Peaceful Rally and no violence.

Joshua Lopez said...

Its rather unfortunate that a lack of foresight and Good PR on the part of BERSIH & The Opposition has given Much Brownie Points To PM Najib & A Short Of A Nurtritional Jab into the Arm Of UMNO-BN.

Joshua Lopez said...

Unfortunately, BERSIH 3.0 Backfired. Thanks to the arrogance and lack of good PR by BERSIH & The Opposition. It has given much Brownie Points to the PM & A Nutrional Jab in the Arm of UMNO-BN.

It's high time we realize that the silent majority does not permit what happened on the 28th and this same silent majority is gonna come out in full force and Vote BN.

stupidmalaysia said...

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