Sunday, 20 May 2012

Petition To Support Ambiga

It started when the UMNO goons singled her out for harassment.

She was co-chairperson of the BERSIH coalition, someone who has broken many glass ceilings, in the words of Bakri Musa:

Another significant milestone, again not widely acknowledged, is that the movement is led by a woman who is neither Malay nor a Muslim. Ambiga Sreenevasan broke not one but three Malaysian glass ceilings!

Rather befitting, someone created a 'petition' to support and thank her. "Be resolute," the petition says, "and know that all of us are behind you, Datuk Ambiga."

There was a modest goal of 1000 signatures for the cause.

But as of today, there are almost 10,000 signatures, about 10 times more!

Lend your name as well:


Anonymous said...

the butt dancing cif : " see, ambiga
tak mau (sudah takut?) 4.0 lagi , terima-kasih aku lah !!"

Anonymous said...

HOPing to see goren-pisang selling (in mini pants) 'peacefully' depan rumah DIG !

mana ada OFFENCE , peacefully wat !

jugular said...

I am admiring Dato Ambiga more and more for her calm and rational stand against the idiots who are trying to intimidate her. More power to her and her colleagues.