Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Basingwerk Abbey

An interesting ruin in North Wales. It was purportedly founded in 1131 by Ranulf, Earl of Chester.

It never ceases to amaze me how the British (or the Europeans for that matter) love to preserve their ruins.

They moan about how the country is being overpopulated and that there is scarcity of space, but all these structures taking up space remain unmolested.

Perhaps this sense of pride in their history is worthwhile.

We Malaysians had our Srivijaya (from back in the 7th century) and Majapahit (sometime in the 13th century) empires, but we never preserved much of it.

The stuff we have in Melaka is puerile (especially that water mill) and we happily demolish Bok House, turning it into a carpark - all because it belonged to a wealthy Chinese businessman.

Update:Bok House is not a carpark anymore. It got acquired by the Mariott Group and will be one more of the boring, characterless hotels that Kuala Lumpur does not need.

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