Monday, 18 June 2012

Let There Be No WITCH HUNT

This is a little disappointing for me as I long for revenge against the UMNO napoleons.

But there is more in the big picture.


PETALING JAYA: There is a fear lurking in the hearts of some that should Pakatan Rakyat form the federal government, it will embark on a witchhunt against the corrupt.

The condemning paper trails, observers noted, might land high-ranking civil servants, politicians and their kin as well as corporate captains behind bars.

The courts would need to work overtime as prosecutions would involve those at the bottom and at the top of the food chain.

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Anonymous said...

If there was a sudden change in government perhaps some might decide to live at their 'other residence' for a while in Australia or the UK and see how it shakes out.

Leading up the the failed Sept 2008 'PKR take over' deadline billions of Ringgit left the country to reside in foreign bank accounts.

Anonymous said...

Is Anwar Ibrahim Cut Off For Premiership Of Cosmopolitan Malaysia?

I Clearly Remember This Doubled Headed Snake!

(1) He was the most fanatical Muslim in the country, he thrived politically on this, his fanatism was beyond the mind of a reasonable humanbeing

(2) He had an issue with the Bells Of St.John's Cathedral ringing on weekdays at 6am and 6pm, he cared less about the tradition behind it. Not to forget, he Raped all our Missionary Schools!!!

(3) He got telekoms situated next to the Cathedral to lodge a report about the Cathedral bells posing a nuisance

(4) He was the very man that launched Islamisation in the early 90s which changed how Malays used to be pre and post Independence

(5) He drove the country away from Secularism practised by all past PMs and Dr.Mahathir and went on moving this country into a very narrow interpretation of Islam

(6) He disrespected the secularism upheld by our Constitution and Laws, pushed Syariah to become more powerful

(7) The Syariah he pushed for was again narrow intepretations that many Muslims weren't happy about then

(8) He kicked Malaysia out from our social structure and again, pushed it to a rural and fanatical mindset

(9) He made the school term to begin middle of December, conveniently blaming it on floods but in actual fact was upset that Christmas was the centre stage of December and many Muslims were enjoying the Christmas season, some even celebrated in European Countries

(10)He got Malay girls banned from Beauty Pagents when in actual fact muslim girls always took part in pagents and we had many Musim beauty queens which include Yasmin Yusoff

(11)He came out with this term that non Muslims are 'Kafir'

(12)He founded IIU, International Islamic University too affirm his political agenda

(13)He and His Wife became the symbol of how Muslims should be and they both pressed for their narrow Islamic Beliefs

(14)He was never sincere to Non Malays and Did nothing for Non Malays, he was a picture perfect of strict fanatism and off course being formerly from ABIM

(15)There was never once that he slowed down his draconian Islamic Stand, He was never there for Non Muslims

(16)He did nothing for Muslims but managed to successfully bring about a pandemic of extream fanatism among the Muslims that caused Muslims to break away from Non Muslims. He destroyed the relationship that Muslims had with non Muslims

(17)He did nothing constructive for this country

(18)He drove his Ferrari on his official visit to my dad's government office called Jabatan Percetakan Negara

(19)He made stupid bus lane that never worked and is practised until today yet doesn't work at all

(20)Despite his so called Islamic Mindset, He kept very close with the United States and worked with them for his own personal agenda.

(21) He Is The Founder & Father Of Moral Policing Who Raped Us From Our Constitutional Rights To Privacy!

(22)His Academic Credential; BA(Malay Studies)University Malaya. Full Stop!

By; Joshua Lopez (And I Dare Him To Sue Me For Defamation!)

Crankster said...

Joshua Lopez -- I'm with you on all your points except number (19)

Crankster said...

By the way, Najib studied for awhile in St John's Institution in Bkt Nanas before being shipped off abroad. Which is why Najib has no clue of what thr average Malaysian thinks -- he is far removed from reality.