Friday, 15 June 2012

What's On People's Minds

A Facebook appeal by Malaysia's leader for help naming two young Chinese pandas has drawn ridicule with users seizing the opportunity to take shots at the government.

Premier Najib Razak posted a message on his Chinese-language Facebook page Wednesday seeking help naming the pandas, which China will send to Malaysia for 10 years in the latest chapter in Beijing's "panda diplomacy."

More than 300 people commented by Thursday, with many alluding to government corruption or other sensitive political issues.

One user suggested naming the pandas "Bersih" and "Stop-Lynas".

"Bersih" is the name of an NGO coalition that organised a huge April 28 rally for free and fair elections that saw clashes with police, while the other name refers to a controversial rare earths plant being built in eastern Malaysia by Australian mining firm Lynas Corp.

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Antares said...

Dumno will stop pandering to its own lowest common denominator... when it becomes a pale shadow of its evil self.

cin2tan said...

DUN waste the 20,000,000.00 lah !

38 long years ago the PINGPONG worked for bn BUT not this time anymore : pandas ke ! kucing hitam-putih ke ? penguin ke ? semua TAK bolih pakai lah !

China has NOTHING to do with us & it won't help bn to change our mind lagi !!

Crankster said...

Antares-- yes, it's about time we showed them we mean business.

Cin2tan -- those dumb idiots have no clue what the pulse on the ground is. He is trying to pacify the chinese but many have no emotional connection to china anymore.