Thursday, 16 August 2012

Chester's Grand Cathedral

It didn't always start off as a Cathedral though. According to some sources, it is almost two thousand years old and started off as a Druid temple before it went on to become a Roman (surprise, surprise?) temple.

At this point, my mate, Tim, is probably having a smug look on his face, since he loves to point out the idolatry associated with this magnitude of organised religion.

Anyway, it became a monastery when one of the Earls decided he needed one in his administrative centre. So it was probably more about administration than spirituality.

It's a lovely though foreboding structure, I must say.

But if you look past the actual building to the grounds, the bright flowers make the whole concept of God and spirituality more real.

Outside the Cathedral, the rows at St Werburghs Street display their goods as usual, a marked contrast from the famous ancient structure of Chester.


Antares said...

Bloody hell.... having a jolly time in the UK without me!!! :-(

Crankster said...

I live here lah!