Friday, 7 September 2012

Rock On, Activists!

From New York Times:

KUALA LUMPUR — Activists who have waged a lengthy campaign against a rare earth refinery in Malaysia refused to back down Thursday after the authorities gave the Australian company behind the project the green light to proceed.

One group, Himpunan Hijau, has vowed to blockade the port in the Malaysian town of Kuantan, near the plant, if the company, Lynas, tries to import the raw earth materials from Australia.

"We are prepared to paralyze the whole port until the raw materials leave our port," said Wong Tack, chairman of the group. "The world will witness one of the biggest civil disobedience events in this nation."

The Lynas plant has had several regulatory and construction delays as opponents and local residents have held protests and taken legal action because of their concerns that the plant could produce harmful radiation. Lynas has denied that there will be any radiation hazards.

The Atomic Energy Licensing Board of Malaysia said Wednesday that it had decided to issue Lynas a two-year, temporary operating license because the company met all technical and regulatory requirements.

Read the rest: Opponents of Malaysia Rare Earth Plant Promise to Protest

P.S. Do you still remember why this project is being pushed ahead in spite of all the public discontent? Now you know why.


Antares said...

Dinosaur corporations don't seem to realize... these are indeed the end times for their way of death-dealing and foul breath-wheeling. In the next couple of years, every chartered accountant will be scrambling to become a rainbow gypsy, hippie poet or gangsta rapper... or else they won't get laid. Women of the world, you gotta do your bit for Pacha Mama: don't fuck anyone who worships the Bottom Line!

Crankster said...

I'll sign up for that!