Monday, 26 November 2012

10,000 Or 20,000 -- Does It Matter?

Malaysians from all walks of life came out again, in support of Himpunan Hijau's protest against Lynas, the rare earth mining company from Australia.

The crowd was spectacular, and I don't think the organisers themselves expected such support.

TheSun reported a crowd of 10,000 but I have since learned to read into MSM reporting.

I hope the government is listening. We don't want Lynas.


Anonymous said...

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Ellese said...

Himpunan Hijau unsubstantiated fear mongering must stop. No one has been able to articulate the case against lynas. Scientifically, IAEA debunked the many false fear mongering accusations of anti lynas proponent. Rakyat sees this and himpunan hijau must be rejected.