Tuesday, 12 February 2013

How To Deter Those Pesky Migrants

Do you remember how enraged we got when we discovered that Old Nyanyuk had been giving out citizenships to Filipinos and Bangladeshis in Sabah in exchange for votes under Project M?

It turns out that Malaysia isn't the only country that everyone and his pet goldfish wants to migrate to.

The UK has been hounded by all sorts from all over Europe.

And this time, the Brits are taking matters into their own hands, by coming up with posters to discourage those annoying foreigners from coming in.

The Guardian asked, "How would you put people off Britain?"

Talk about an effective foreign and internal policy rolled in one.

Interestingly, they did come up with some answers and creative responses, you'd be pleased to know.

Most of them seem to revolve around bad weather, awful politics and rubbish .... well, just rubbish.

Malaysians certainly can't complain of bad weather, most actually enjoy the heat and humidity (gives us an excuse not to have to walk anywhere!!!).

But we certainly have awful politics and plenty of rubbish all over the place. I'm not going to produce any photographic evidence for now, but let's just say a significant population of Kuala Lumpur consists of rats. All 4.4 million of them in 2010 (three years ago).

I doubt that they are our biggest migrants. Most rats are probably KL-born-and-bred. But we do need to clean up our act, unless we're doing it to discourage migration.

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