Sunday, 3 February 2013

Malaysians Are Hardcore! :-)

Salmon fish are born in fresh water, migrate to the ocean, then return to fresh water -- to the exact spot where they were born to spawn.

Who knows what inspires this homing behavior.

Like salmon making its way upstream the river, a significant fraction of the million or so Malaysians living abroad will be returning home for the general elections.

Some will be missing their traditional homecoming for Chinese New Year.

Many others will be planning their holidays around the general elections.

From Asian Correspondent:

From Singapore, Australia and across the region, to the US and UK, voters will be travelling by car, bus and plane to vote in an election ear-marked as a once-in-a-generation opportunity for change.

There are more than a million Malaysians living overseas from a population of about 28 million people – enough to make a real difference come election day.

There may be thousands of miles between the expat Malaysian and his voting booth.

But that's not going to deter him. Most Malaysians are going to be coming home this year -- to vote.

And you know what? That makes me proud to be Malaysian.

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