Friday, 8 February 2013

She Got Pwned!!

Folks, it's always nice to learn a new word.

And today, the word is: Pwn

From, "Pwned" means "to be controlled against your will", or "to be defeated by a superior power".

This is precisely what has happened to Suara Wanita 1Malaysia (SW1M) president Sharifah Zohra Jabeen, who absolutely had her blinking ar$e handed to her on a plate when she attempted to intimidate UUM law student KS Bawani into silence.

Now I have had the dubious experience of attending a Malaysian university. The amount of propaganda that is fed to students is staggering. It takes a lot of willpower to withstand the smarmy facilitators and their blithering opinions.

It possibly takes a lot more willpower to get up and take the bull by the horns.

I'll admit this -- I was a coward. I grinned and bore it with fortitude but also with a sense of humour (what depths one can sink to in efforts to defend one's cowardice).

But KS Bawani does not shrink from her adversaries. The youtube video that went viral is proof of that.

And since then, Sharifah Zohra Jabeen Syed Shah Miskin (she's not worth the paper on the birth certificate that it takes to write her name) has made numerous attempts to engineer a comeback and restore some semblance of dignity.

But her efforts are in vain.

Her arrogance and overbearing attitude were out in the open for everyone to see.

She may allege that KS Bawani flipped her off -- showed her the middle finger -- before walking out of the forum. The whole thing was captured on video. It's going to require a bit of photo-shopping (ala the Anwar Ibrahim video) before Sharifah Zohra Jabeen can show her "proof".

From FMT: Sharifah is a liar, says Bawani

“I categorically deny ever making such a gesture. Sharifah is a liar. Her statement has tarnished my name in the public. Her allegation is false and defamatory,” Bawani told FMT today.

She lodged a report against Sharifah at Kajang district police headquarters yesterday.

“Sharifah also told FMT that SW1M would be uploading a full version of the video which would reveal that I showed the middle finger. I’m waiting to see it. I want the police to investigate and get to the bottom of her preposterous claim,” she added.

Sharifah, in an exclusive interview with FMT on Feb 1, made the claim for the first time since she was lambasted for her treatment of Bawani at the forum, a video clip of which was first uploaded three weeks ago on YouTube, titled “Forum Suara Mahasiswa Part 4″.

After a storm of protests from netizens, Sharifah issued a statement saying she forgave Bawani and stressed that she was neither contemptuous of university students nor against their right to exercise free speech. She then apologised to UUM, but not to Bawani.

Very few people are convinced that Sharifah Zohra Jabeen has been wronged.

Most see her as the attacker and the villain.

I personally see her as a bully who always got her way.

Maybe Ms Listen ought to take a bit of her own advice and perhaps ... listen?

After that, perhaps ... shut up?


Taikohtai said...

From what I read, the whole episode would not have exploded if SW1M had not tried to rub it in by posting the event on Youtube! BN is now learning that their dacing is out of calibration to international proportion and standard.

Crankster said...

They miscalculated based on the "support" they were getting from the silly UUM students who were clapping. Unfortunately, with the exception of Bawani, these students change their minds at a whim or can't decide wrong for right.