Saturday, 16 February 2013

Yet Again A Claim To Sulu Sultanate

I guess it is only fair for a country that harps on bumiputera status to be continually plagued with claims of "rightful ownership"!!

Is that divine retribution or what??!

From BBC:

Malaysian troops are negotiating with about 100 men from the Philippines holed up in a remote part of Sabah on Borneo island, officials say.

The men, some reportedly armed, landed in Lahad Datu town earlier this week.

Police say they have identified themselves as the "royal army" of the Sulu Sultanate, which has a historic claim to the area.

Malaysian and Philippine officials are in discussions over the incident, many details of which remain unclear.

Some reports said that the men had denied links to militant groups in the southern Philippines, and had raised the Philippine flag in the village.

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We have more than our share of fruit & nuts!!

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