Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Kangkung Saves The Day

I assumed that all the kangkung jokes had been exhausted, but after being proven wrong repeatedly, I'm not holding my breath.

To be honest, I really thought the average Malaysian had been suckered in by the Allah drama that the BN government has been peddling to the masses to distract them.

But there's hope. Ironically, the clueless Prime Minister made a gaffe by trying to convince Malaysians that the quality of their lives would improve due to the drop in price of kangkung.

It's spectacular.

The BN government has hiked up assessment rates, reduced petrol subsidy, introduced GST, implemented toll booths -- all of which are actions that cause the cost of living to skyrocket.

To even imply that the price drop of a vegetable -- and not one that is eaten everyday or in huge quantities -- could even remotely offset the burden of the above-mentioned, is plainly ludicrous.

It is evident that the tensions are simmering, but beneath the surface.

Kangkung has restored some balance to the motion of Malaysian life. People are no longer distracted by petty issues like what you call your god.

All thanks to kangkung.

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