Friday, 1 August 2014

To Change Or Not To Change?

I have lost count of the number of articles I've read, postulating that Malaysia Airlines ought to change its name to get back in the game.

Some of them are linked below:

Business Standard: Malaysia Airlines to change name to boost reputation

eTN Global Travel Industry News: Malaysia Airlines: Complete brand makeover, new investors, new routes?

International Business Times: Malaysia Airlines Brand Damage May Require Name Change After MH17, MH370 Incidents

They all revolve around one concept: people eventually forgetting.

To be fair to Malaysia Airlines, I am not sure if either of the tragedies that befell them were their fault. No more unlucky than their latest escape, where they nearly crashed into another jet in Adelaide, but managed to stop just in time.

A close call, but is Malaysia Airlines jinxed? Again, it's not their fault.

Someone by the name of Michael Skapinker from Financial Times appears to agree with me in Malaysia Airlines is stuck with its name:

It is hard to see what the airline itself can learn from the tragedies. The first is still unexplained. The second was not its fault. It was flying over a war zone, but so were other respectable carriers.

Read the rest of the article to understand why a name change is pointless.

I personally think a change in management (though nothing to do with the air crashes) is needed, not a change in name.

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