Monday, 18 July 2016

Malaysia Mentioned Twice In 11th Issue Of IS Dabiq Mag

It's not good news when Malaysia gets mentioned twice in IS/Daesh's online magazine. We are getting the attention of the slime balls.

There's a decent article out in Thailand's Nation about the situation, and what needs to be done to protect ourselves.

One thing I want to highlight is this:

The good work of the Special Branch (Counter Terrorism Division, E8) needs to be commended, as they were able to quickly identify the suspected terrorists involved in the Puchong attack. The best way to curb terrorists in Malaysia is to pay attention to local followers.

Many years ago, I always thought that Malaysian Intelligence was substandard and nowhere as good as the Americans or British. Today, after living in both countries, I know that that's not true.

Malaysia sometimes, actually manages to operate without the bias displayed by our politicians, and gets the situation right: identifying the suspects by watching local followers.

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