Saturday, 31 March 2007

Tun Dr Mahathir's Curve Ball

I can't say it was a good throw, but it looks like Dr M is back on base and presumably none-the-worse for his misadventures (read mild heart attack).

Before I get into his latest vitriol, I must post this quote I found off RPK's site, which apparently has also grabbed the attention of a sizeable chunk of commenters :)

It is probably also the reason behind his continual attacks on good ole Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (sans son-in-law this time).

Dr Mahathir explained to the small crowd by saying his supporters were afraid of being harassed by the government. 'Before there were thousands who would assemble and kiss my hands,' he said.

Ah. For the record, I'm with Shardik when he says, "Surely you remember your Julius Caesar". But anyone remember Brutus? Dr M is too noble to expect unyielding loyalty.

Besides, all that hand-kissing and hero-worship stemmed from the power-is-money principle. Without the power and position, there isn't much to go on, really.

So the next line of action would be to DEFAME THE ENEMY.

Though defamation is hardly difficult or necessary when the enemy is quite obliging with his dirty linen. All one would have to do is to drag it out into the public.

'We have corrupt leaders who favour their relatives,' Dr Mahathir, 81, said in a speech, apparently referring to his successor-turned-foe, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Tell me about it, baby.

But the wily old bastard is back, it appears, and in spite of myself, I have a grudging admiration for him.

Tun Dr M was as corrupted and racist as any of our other politicians have been, but he was a remarkable leader. He bulldozed his path, made his demands (and enemies), and had the country moving along with a reasonable momentum. Even with the economic downturn.

But to expose Abdullah's RM60 million home in Perth is a little strange. Are we to expect NONE of his sons benefitted from Dr M's position as Prime Minister for 22 years?

I'm not complaining though.

The more I get to see the actions of the people in power, the more informed I am to make my electorial decisions.

Is anyone keeping a list of the assets? I know there's a 'leased' airplane involved, a Turkish yacht and now this RM60m mansion in Perth.

I also know how Abdullah will respond:


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