Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Bribe Them, Dammit!!!

And the Opposition, blithering idiots that they are, still continue to squabble among themselves.

I am just sick and tired of rooting for them. If they can't help themselves, God help us ALL!!

They recruit the fancy graduates and the cream of society to woo the votes of the more intelligent. But it's not the intelligent citizens that DAP should appeal to, but the average village idiot.

I can assure you, there are more village idiots than geniuses in Malaysia - that is why BN has managed to remain in power for so long.

DAP needs to kiss more babies, make more lame jokes, serve more food, maybe pay out a little money and make infinite promises.

Yes, the village idiots don't mind being lied to.

In fact, I think they LOVE it.

You just need to reassure them that all is fine, things will move along as they are right now. Perhaps sing one tune to the geniuses and another to the village idiots.

For goodness sake, bribe them!! If your rhetoric and party policy doesn't even turn a head, just freaking BRIBE them, dammit!!

Get a bank loan, take out a huge sum and spread the joy to the poor and stupid (not mutually exclusive). When you win the seat, take the taxpayers' money to finance your loan.

That's what BN does anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Make sure this message of yours (as well as the one from the Malay Male)reach the DAP