Sunday, 2 December 2007

Government Doing Its "Best" For Indians

My parents still insist on buying the New Straits Times.

They enjoy the comics and conscientiously pore through the obituaries, looking for anyone newly deceased that they might recognise. Funerals make good reunions too, you know.

Of course, the NST also comes in handy for wrapping up garbage.

But this morning, I just happened to glance through the headlines which proudly announced, "Government doing its best for Indians, says PM".

It didn't escape my attention that they got a couple of "Indians" (Malaysians of South Asian origin) to write the article so it appears all politically correct.

The blabbering article goes on to say how outraged the PM is.

Some excerpts:

“Tell me, do you believe there is ethnic cleansing in Malaysia? Is there ethnic cleansing, tell me? If this happened, I will resign,” Abdullah said.

Before you put in the letter, Sir, care to explain why the issue on Kg Medan has been kept under wraps? How did the riot break out, how many died, what actually happened?

Because if you keep me in the dark, I sure as hell am prepared to believe the worst.

“Tell me, you are an Indian and so are you (referring to Indian reporters), have we been doing it for the past 50 years, have we done this?”he asked.

Now now. Putting random reporters on the spot, are we? What was their response anyway? The report was strangely mum on that.

Abdullah also slammed Hindraf’s charge that “government backed armed Islamic extremists” had destroyed a temple in Klang.

“There is no such thing. This a lie conjured by certain groups to create hatred among the Indians for the government.”

You mean, the temple in Klang still stands?? Bugger me, it must be David Copperfield messing with my eyes again.

“They have done their part and supported the government. They are strong supporters of the Barisan Nasional and they surely do so because they believe we are fair to all.”

Don't deign to speak on my behalf, Sir, with your patronizing shit! Most of the politicians in your party are imbeciles who misbehave on a regular basis and have no reason to gain respect from the citizens of this great nation.

It is because of your incompetent leadership and apathetic attitude to the plight of Indians that has sparked this very uprise among the Indians.

Heck, it's not like I'm a great fan of HINDRAF.

In fact, I did mention that their manner of describing situations is over the top and they don't mind contradicting themselves.

In politically-incorrect terms, they're drama-mamas. (I don't reckon they have any right to sue my ass for calling them that as their references to the UMNO government hasn't been all that sweet and polite either).

But HINDRAF is the only organisation in Malaysia that has brought out the plight of marginalised Indians in Malaysia. For once, someone has to address the issue of body-snatching Hindu heros and giving them Muslim burials.

And someone had to highlight the insensitive demolition of Hindu temples.

However, at the risk of royally pissing off hardcore HINDRAFs, those demolished temples had no legal papers backing them up. I have a friend (an investigative reporter) who disclosed some interesting bits of information with me:

1) While HINDRAF was loudly protesting the demolishing of temples, there was said to be temple mismanagement within its committee itself. Allegedly, the government (on certain occasions) reimbursed the temple and gave ample time for relocation but no action was taken on the part of the temple committee.

2) HINDRAF lawyers didn't even know who the developers of the land where the temples were located were. If I were handling a case, you can betcha ass I'd have negotiated with all parties prior to any demolition squad making their presence there.

You see, I'm not completely against the temples being demolished. I'm more annoyed at the way the priests were manhandled, their statues were thrown about and trampled. And I'm not even Hindu.

Now these are sacred images for the Hindus. You can't irreverently fling them about any more than you can a Koran. It's just not right.

You can't fire tear-gas indiscriminately or douse them liberally with chemical-laced water, to the extent of causing death from asthma, beatings and resulting in other skin problems.

You can't deny them of ICs and birth certificates, consequently denying them a place in school because of no identification of citizenship.

You can't arrest them, throw them in jail and beat them till they die from the injuries.

You can't snatch their bodies and give them Muslim burials (because of a vague rumour of conversion) without the consent of the widow and without allowing her to pay her last respects.

You can't fire shots indiscriminately and kill an innocent pregnant woman and her baby just because you think the kidnapped child of a prominent politician is inside AND THEN go on to claim self-defense when there was obviously no one else in possession of firearms.

But because the Indians are a small minority, you can get away with kicking them. They are not economically strong, so they become a punching bag and no one really cares.

So no, the government is NOT doing its best for the Malaysians of South Asian origin. Because if it was, I'd hate to know what its worst is.


maximus said...

Great analysis of the PM's comments.Totally logical.
I would add the following;
The Main stream Media's refusal to print the alternative/minority view, report on incidents (however damaging it may be to the BN)...has all of us ready to believe the worst. How many times have rumours proven true? Even the PM himself declared his impending marriage was a rumour before the official announcement. The Problem therefore is exacerbated by the lack of free speech. This Wayang Kulit Culture must stop before we end up shooting ourselves in the foot as Malaysians.

Crankshaft said...

Thanks for your comment, maximus. I agree.