Thursday, 13 March 2008

Clinical Precision

You know how I like posting articles by Michael Backman. :)

Only a week or two back, Backman stated that we need a strong Opposition. Though I understand where he's coming from, I disagreed with him.

Now our Opposition is still in its infancy, but they have made more headway the past year, than in the last 49 years. This Opposition was evidently strong enough to claim 5 states.

And while we do bicker about what ethnicity our Menteri Besars should be, and from which party, at some point, I visualise Malaysia as being relatively free of racism. It's the idealist in me, but hey - we've made some unexpected achievements, so I can hope, can't I?!!

And I also think it's not all about Anwar as the article appears to imply, but about a coming of age for us Malaysians.

Malaysian voters open the door for Anwar Ibrahim:

MALAYSIA Boleh! (Malaysia Can!) is Malaysia's national slogan but after last Saturday's elections, the real slogan should be Malaysians Boleh! for ordinary Malaysians are to be congratulated. The humiliation they handed their government at the federal and state elections demonstrates how politically sophisticated and mature they have become in the face of a high-handed and patronising government.

Five state governments were won by the opposition and federally, the Government had its worst showing ever. But it was the clinical precision in which voters went about their business that was most impressive.

Read again, who we slaughtered. :)

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