Monday, 10 March 2008

Whom Would You Choose?

Apparently some folks are demanding the resignation of the rather woe-begone Prime Minister, leader of the completely annihilated (okay, I exaggerate) Barisan Nasional.

After all the nice-guy crap this freak has tried to dish out on us while tear-gassing and spraying our fellow citizens with chemical-laced water, I'd love to go protest just to show him the proverbial finger.

But the truth is, I want him to remain as Prime Minister, not merely to express my gratitude for his role in breaking the once impenetrable stronghold of Barisan Nasional, nor for his somnambulance, but MAINLY so he doesn't pave the way for this other fool to ascend the 'helm' (word courtesy of Malaysiakini).

This other fool is none other than the current deputy, Najib Tun Razak, utterer of the infamous vow to bathe the keris in Chinese blood.

Such a vile, despicable creature I have not encountered before.

I'd take Dopey over Amok anyday.

Dopey has been spending most of his time in mostly harmless but blissful slumber between intermittent periods of conferring with the son-in-law.

Amok, on the other hand has been wasting precious government funds on needless defence equipment, effectively milking the taxpayers dry. He is also closely related to the high-profile murder of a Mongolian model.

For the first time, I'd have to chastise Uncle Zorro for being too mild with his words. He demands a public apology from Najib, but otherwise, I have not heard any particularly strong words used on the worm-ridden filth.

If you've been reading 'Zorro Unmasked' for as long as I have, you'd understand that getting on the wrong side of this man can be a painful experience indeed. :) Have you seen the lovely picture used to depict our fourth floor boys?

Other than that, there has been no volcanic eruption of late and Uncle Zorro may be recovering from the excitement due to elections. :)

I do echo his sentiments though - I have neither the confidence nor trust in Najib to lead the country. So for now, keep him OFF the top job.

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