Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Why We Lost Pedra Branca

I'm not done with the issue of Pedra Branca yet.

In fact, I'm livid with rage at the moment.

Do you know why we freaking lost our white rock with the lighthouse on it??

Because the moron representing the nation over the sovereignity of this rock was a BLOOMING FRESH GRADUATE!!!

And of all universities, from UiTM!!! I mean, come on, this is the university you apply for if you really couldn't get a spot anywhere else. The most inferior, bumiputera-only university in the country.

You don't believe me? Read the judgement here and compare the names.

Which bunch of deranged, demented imbeciles would send a kid who graduated from UiTM in September 2005 out to save our rock??!!!

Those who're trying to kiss his father's ass, that's who. You know who his father is?? Our one and only Attorney General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail.

The same twit who considers the Hindraf people as more of a menace and threat than those who blew up Altantuya with contraband C4 explosives.

The dingbat who charges 26 people with the attempted murder of one scrawny little policeman who received a few stitches to the head.

If the father is so stupid, can you imagine what his budak hingusan of a son must be like?? His resume must have had pandai main internet as top priority to garner his coveted spot, representing the nation.

Yep. And the internet must have brought forward the blogger's plagiarised photo of Pedra Branca against the mainland of Johor. Our biggest bit of evidence was a plagiarised photo.

Dear Lord. How much more asinine could they get?

So was this putting our best foot forward in order to win our rock (and more importantly, the waters around it) back?? My ass it was!!!

Now you know why this country is so screwed. The nepotism displayed goes beyond the lowest levels of mediocrity.


bwh said...

Pulau Batu Putih has never belong to Malaysia as claimed by Singapore. The reason is very simple because before 1979 Malaysia has never included the island in mapping this country territory.

Only after 1979 the island was included after the realignment of the new Malaysia's territory mapping but was protest by Singapore.

So who were at fault for this ignorant?? Its none other than our previous leaders. Even Tun Dr Mahathir the toughest leader we ever had when dealing with Singapore, also overlooked this matter. Or maybe something has been negotiated and trade off with the island??

Crankshaft said...

I don't think mapping should be a basis for claim though. It was such a tiny rock. How could one map it out? As a speck?

Asam Boy said...

Sungguh pathetic...pure simpleton's fighting for our case?

No wonder we lost...