Sunday, 29 June 2008

Anwar's Sodomy Charges

I have never really been an Anwar fan.

Perhaps I like some of our elected representatives from PKR, but I'm just a little wary of Anwar.

It, however, has nothing to do with sodomy charges - trumped up or otherwise.

They may be true, and if some bloggers were to be believed, it was apparently Karpal Singh who first brought Anwar's alleged shenanigans to the attention of then PM, Dr Mahathir.

But what anyone does consensually in private is none of my business, or yours. Not that it stops Malaysians from yearning for scandal.

And this voracious appetite of the public (for scandal) has the BN government ready and anxious to please. And why not?

Firstly, BN popularity is at its lowest levels. You wouldn't guess that from reading our tabloids (which pretend to be mainstream media) though.

But if you called someone an UMNO man, that's tantamount to calling him an illegitimate-son-of-a-cross-eyed-camel.

Secondly, Anwar appears to have been lobbying some of the BN MPs and the crossover may be imminent. I find this repelling and unethical, but it's the game of politics.

Thirdly, BN is more worried about the vote of no-confidence by SAPP than they let on. There have been threats of expulsion, and murmurs of disciplinary action, but nothing has come to pass, as yet.

Fourth, we have some serious issues internally. People who should not have been there, were found at the scene where Mongolian women were vapourised.

Fifth, our economy is just looking so bad. Fuel prices have gone up and the people are told to tighten their belts and adjust their lifestyles.

Meanwhile, our PM still has his private luxury jet, his 60-million ringgit mansion in Mosman Park, Australia, and that lovely yacht from Turkey.

Let's not forget that even in spite of our poor economy, Pak Lah et al still do not pass up a chance to slip their grubby fingers into our national coffers by offering cash rebates through Pos Malaysia Berhad instead of JPJ.

Wouldn't you want to create a diversion, were you guilty of those?


Linken Lim said...

That's Malaysia Boleh !!

When you are in Singapore, everything is 'fine' :)

Crankshaft said...

Boleh indeed! :)