Friday, 18 July 2008

Any Attempt To Fix Anwar

It's pretty obvious - all the government wants to do, is fix Anwar Ibrahim at any cost.

The Home Minister is proposing a bill to make refusing to give DNA samples illegal.

In the past, we have had heaps of criminals walk through our justice system. Many have refused to produce any samples for the court. Was there any motion in the court for that?

Anyone? No? I thought so.

But this time, Syed Hamid Albar is falling over himself to oil the "wheels of justice". All for poor, screwed Saiful Bukhari Azlan, you think?

What makes this 23-year-old sod so special that the "crime" perpetrated on his goodself merits a change in a bill of parliament to collect and provide the necessary evidence?

What makes him so special that he gets an audience with none other than the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia for personal advice about his "condition" before he makes a police report??

Is it about seeking justice for Saiful Bukhari Azlan, or is it about putting away Anwar Ibrahim?


old man said...

read mahathir's blog. he said it was true!

Me... Only Better said...

Mahathir wants desperately to believe it is true to justify striking down his protege who dare to cross him and tak sabar2 jadik PM la...Mahathir is not God though many Mlaysian like to believe that..maybe we should deep freeze his body when he dies and revive him because people believe only he can run the country?

Of course Anwar pisses me off gak with his premie ejaculation (due to overghairah) and needy character problem but maybe at least we can get changes that are long overdue ie our economy, transport, education, environment,welfare, etc sebab PR more accessible to the people and that is what people want.


fergie said...

Didn't the botak justify Saiful's visit to DPM by saying that it is their duty to give assistance to the people? I may be wrong .. must have read his statement somewhere. Why can't the police produce Saiful's report so that Anwar can prepare his defence? Is that not the correct procedure? I don't know anything about Malaysian law or any law for that matter but I think it is only fair to hand over a copy of the report if they INSIST on Anwar giving his DNA.

ROX said...

crankshaft. If everyone claimed that they could be framed with their DNA and refused to give a blood sample then law and order of a country could not be carried out. I think it's high time a bill is passed that DNA samples are to be collected as a standard procedure in all criminal cases.

Although DNA samples are not 100 percent accurate they are still the best scientific evidence we have today. There were chameleons (with two sets of DNA) who walked free out of courts because single-test DNA freed them. I hope those accused will be double tested so the guilty can't go scot-free.

Actually I don't really care if we have a gay PM or not but I do care if Anwar lied because he knows that Muslims will not accept a gay Muslim PM. If he could lie to become PM, he could lie about almost anything.

I know Anwar is flawed like all human beings but is this recorded weakness of his - compulsive lying - acceptable? If it is then we have fought to get more of the same old shit. What have we done?

If he wasn't gay, the first thing he should have done is swear on the Quran. It would also prove Saiful was lying because all Muslims are compelled to believe the one who swore on the Quran. And when the DNA test turned up positive then he could have cause to claim being framed, not before. You can't accuse someone for framing you, if a crime has not being established yet. Besides, I doubt the test would be conclusive. It's only BN's ploy to buy time as they have played into Anwar's hand.

If Malaysians think they are supporting a small man against the big system, they are wrong. Anwar has been the bigger bully all the while - he's the puppeteer calling the shot and playing to a full gallery with him melodrama about conspiracy (framing him through his aide), assassination (stopping him from becoming PM on Sept 16), humiliation (having his private parts inspected), torture (having to sleep on a cold floor with a bad back), etc. And the list will continue.

And you can see he's enjoying himself fooling idiots - the smile is that of a sneering and arrogant high stake "win all or lose all" gambler. He has even cleared himself beforehand of any blame when he said that he won't be responsible for the unrest in the country if he was found guilty.

Who the fuck created the chaos? Who sent RPK on stage with the Pandora box? Who couldn't wait for GE 13? If this doesn't show how manipulative he is then I don't know what will.

He has already planted his "innocence" in fallible minds. To them, he's innocent no matter what, and even if he should bugger Saiful right in front of their eyes, their brainwashed minds will see it as Saiful falling backwards on Anwar's erection.

If I've the time I will deconstruct the idiot of all idiots K Bing's letter in Malaysiakini on why he/she believes Anwar is not guilty. I had a laughing fit when I read the reasons.

They are so full of holes that I would fail him/her with a very big fat F for fallacies (faulty reasoning) if it was an exam paper. Is this person an example of what Malaysian education is producing?

Crankshaft said...


K Bing isn't an idiot, he's just simple. :) I slapped my forehead when I saw point no. 1 itself. Oh dear.

I have no reservations about DNA samples being mandatory for criminals. I just object to the timing and target of the bill.

There have been previous cases where criminals have refused to provide DNA but nothing was forced on them.

It's not even about Anwar at this point, it's about manipulation of our justice system that I simply can't stand.

Crankshaft said...

Fergie, because it is purely manipulation of the legal system to suit their needs.

Crankshaft said...


Mahathir says one thing and then later claims it was just a joke. Frankly, I can't tell when he is joking, and when he isn't.