Monday, 28 July 2008

Saiful Never Got Sodomised!

He's a virgin. Bless his little black heart.

After claiming he'd been done in, what ... 8 times on different occasions, Saiful Bukhari Azlan is evidently still fresh meat. Well, sort of.

No anal penetration, and no trace of any foreign objects violating that sacred hole, which has been subject to much speculation over the past few weeks.

Looks like politicians from Barisan Nasional can find a new career as C-grade playwriters with their obvious ability to resurrect old plots and flog them to life repeatedly.

They're going to be out of a job soon, anyway.

Really, I don't know how these people pray 5 times a day. I'd be too ashamed to face my Maker.


Hitam Had said...

Hi Ms C, how these people pray 5 times a day???.. They NEED to pray 5 times a day in the mistaken belief that their sins will be forgiven! Only feeble minded people will allow themselves to be led astray by the dark forces and still hope to be redeemed. We ourselves fail as responsible human beings by continuing to condone such devilish behavour.


rox said...

Careful, careful, crankshaft, don't be too hasty. RPK had "produced" many things in the past. Don't jump to conclusion so soon as the play is unfinished.

One question I keep asking myself is why is RPK doing this? Why is kamikaze-ing himself for Anwar?

He seems the type to harakiri himself if he failed.

He must be sick in the head and even more power crazy than Anwar to think he's the kingmaker. I just feel so sorry for him.

This lover of Anwar is really butt-fucked!

Crankshaft said...

Hitam Had - that's my point, we cannot condone this any longer.

Rox - yes, RPK has produced quite a bit. Some credible and some not. In Malaysia, we will never find the truth. I have learnt to accept that.

At least not until we have a change of government.

But you know what's the problem with the average Malaysian? They see everything in absolutes. Someone is either completely right or completely wrong. Fully righteous or purely evil.

So if Anwar is innocent of sodomy, "he will make a great leader". I blame this sort of stupidity on our education. We were never taught to discern or think for ourselves.

Have you seen some of the comments on Malaysia Today? The ones that crow praises for RPK? I get so nauseated at the mindless hero-worship.

But that's what RPK thrives on. That and I think he wants to be in Malaysian history. It wouldn't be what you and I can identify with. We're all different.

tzarina said...

I still think RPK has more guts than most of us put together and multiplied by tens of factors.

At least he bashes both opposition and the government, which shows that he is apolitical as you can get in Malaysia. Which lends him more credibility than our mainstream media. They did not even have the guts to publish the name of Malaysia-Today as the site with the medic report (scared that people will wana go online and check it out?).

Me? I simply wana go back to sleep and continue my dream that Malaysian justice system is not molested, raped and sodomized.

p/s: I hate hero worship...wana puke each time I read "Daulat Tuanku!" or "Hidup XXX!". But I might have an itsy-bitsy-blogy-crush on RPK though... :D

Crankshaft said...

Yes, I do recall that "Let's Send Altantuya's Murderers to Hell" garnered a lot of hits on MT from curiosity-seekers. :)

walla said...

like gearing ratios, different strokes for different folks.

rox said...

tzarina. RPK apolitical? Where have you been, sleeping beauty? .

tzarina said...

Dear, dear, rox,

I said:
At least he bashes both opposition and the government, which shows that he is apolitical as you can get in Malaysia.