Wednesday, 16 July 2008

What Do Our Police Do?

It's not like we have a shortage of police personnel in Malaysia.

Because of late, we have been running into a whole bunch of them making a nuisance of themselves on our roads under the pretext of public safety.

We do have enough people in the force. The problem is, they're either bumbling incompetents or not being deployed for the right roles and functions.

All this while, I thought the role of the government was to protect its citizens and bring the criminals to justice. Yes, I'm an unapologetic idealist.

But I was wrong. Our government protects its criminals and abuses its citizens.

How long has it been since an innocent little 9 year old was kidnapped and brutally abused before being murdered?? Ladies and gentlemen, I know you may find this hard to believe, but it's almost been a year since Nurin Jazlin's body was found.

Sharlinie has been missing for 6 months.

Has there been any progress? Have we come closer to solving the mystery?

Why are the police out in the streets, harrassing the citizens when they should be looking for criminals?

I really want to know.


fergie said...

Good article. My thoughts exactly. They are just a bunch of corrupt bullies not professionals. Major crimes swept under the carpet as per instructions from their bosses, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

hmmmmm...maybe the police, due to their low pay, have "diversified" into syndicates/crime/triad work? just speculating but kidnapping, drug trafficking, etc usually requires a network of people co-ordinated by crime organisations. ;) these are dangerous times. and you wonder why i am inclined to support chopping off hands...though "barbaric" and "gory". what is more barbaric and gory? chopping the hands of a criminal or the 7 year old victim that had been sold into prostitution?

Me... Only Better said...

We should definitely introduce the first people we chop the hands off their tangan panjang are our leaders.